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We were briefed by IBM to create a campaign that would encourage girls aged between 9 - 13 to build digital skills and become more engaged in STEM-related subjects.

To answer the brief we partnered IBM with Marvel's first ever female-led superhero film, Captain Marvel, and created a nationwide competition entitled 'Girls Who Change The World'  which asked girls to team up and submit an idea for a project that could change the world around them.

Working with STEM Learning's network of schools to get the word out and IBM's business and technical leads who mentored the shortlisted teams we provided a unique experience for those girls taking part. 

The shortlisted teams attended an education day and a finals day where a winning team won the chance to visit IBM Labs to develop their idea further.


The campaign has been nominated in the Best Sponsorship Integration Category at the Promax UK 2019 awards 

Video 1 - Competition Announcement

Video 2 - Education Day Video

Video 3 - Final Wrap-up Video

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