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As part of Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary celebrations, I pitched and won the opportunity to create an idea for an interactive 360 treasure hunt through the decades.

The idea of Hidden Mickeys is used in the Disney theme parks, where the iconic silhouette of Mickey Mouse's head can be found all around the place for visitors to search for.

I wanted to bring this online so employed the latest technology to create 'hotspots' in 360 videos to allow users to search around different scenes, find the Hidden Mickeys and click through to the next scene.


These weren't just any scenes. We commissioned Disney animators to create 5 amazing scenes, each celebrating decades within Mickey's 90 years of existence, full of Easter eggs for true Disney fans to spot.

The game was localised into 10 different languages and launched in 12 countries across Europe and the Middle East.

Video of gameplay

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